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    Hi all!

    I have read some opinions about how higher athletes’ iron or ferritin blood values should be but I have never seen anything about other blood values.

    Are there any normalized physiological values for endurance athletes, except the ones mentioned above?

    I had recently a blood test and I see that although my results are physiological they tend to lean towards bottom limits. I would love to know if I should focus on increasing some of them in order to prevent worse scenarios.

    Thank you in advance for help and recommendations!

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #55615


    There are some things to consider for athletes, but overall blood values can be quite individual and depending on a lot of things. And most of them are not different from non-athletes.
    Also with ferritin it’s not the higher the better.

    I would recommend discussing your values with your physician, who knows you.

    If you have any specific questions I hope I/we can answer them.


    Angelos on #55647

    Thank you very much Thomas!

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