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    hi all,

    I’ve read with great interest Training for the new Alpinism and Training for the Uphill Athlete. Thanks for these great works!

    In those books, the authors adopt as it seems the ‘traditional’ take on periodization, which has resulted of course in many very good results over the years for many athletes. Recently I’ve read about a more recent approach to periodization, namely ‘block periodization’.

    In block periodization, there are multiple shorter blocks with a very specific focus, which is based on the idea that concurrent training focus leads to suboptimal adaptation. Also, it makes it easier to train for multiple events over the year.

    I was just wondering, what is your view on block periodization? And, has anyone had any experiences with it?


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    The books were written with a general audience in mind. So the methods that are described are ones that will work for most people most of the time. Of course, nothing in training is either/or; it’s just a question of how much when.

    Our coaches are very familiar with block training methods, and we often use that approach with athletes that have multiple, and sometimes conflicting, areas of fitness that they need to build or maintain.

    Here’s a list of forum posts on the subject:

    foth on #39903

    thanks, Scott, those links are helpful!

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