Anyone wanna help me develop an 8 week plan?

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    First of all, if this isn’t allowed then please delete this thread….but here’s the deal. I’ve hit a bit of a lull or a plateau in my training and I need a change to get me back going again. I definitely need to work on my aerobic threshold and my muscular endurance….as well as drop some weight. I’m a splitboarder and I want to start training a bit more specifically for that. I’m also a firefighter so I want to maintain some power as well. Not sure if anyone wants to help me build a training routine….or if I should just purchase one of the routines offered here? Thoughts? Anyways here is a bit more info:

    Main sports:splitboarding, snowboarding, mt.biking, hiking, trail running, skateboarding, climbing

    Resources available: full free weight gym with bench, incline bench, dead lift, smith squat, cable machine, dumbbell rack, leg press. As well as a rowing machine, treadmill, elliptical and stationary bike. Large tire. Sledge hammer. Stairs, weight vest.

    Areas of concern in order: aerobic threshold, muscular endurance, lactate, flexibility especially dorsiflexion, pure power.

    I like to workout 4-6 days a week. Usually have at least an hour to give.

    I’d really like to take it to my cardio game. I’m getting killed in the skin track.


    Thanks all.

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    I’m going to assume that you have not read either of our books because they each contain some sample plans as well as the guidance to modify a plan for yourself.

    If you feel you are aerobically deficient and you want to go uphill faster that has to be your main focus. Improving aerobic capacity takes months of consistent high volume aerobic (Z1-2) work to see real gains. So this kind of training should be done at least 4 days/week. Strength gains will come much faster and solid gains can come from 2 strength days/week. Bada-Boom, Bada-Boom. Done!

    While the planning is simple for improving these things, it is the execution that is the challenge. PATIENCE is the key. Long term rewards will mean some sacrifices in the short term

    As for ME work: Ideally you’d correct the aerobic deficiency first to see the best gains. However you can include 1 ME workout a week and see good gains but they just won’t be as much or last as long without that base. The ME or any intensity should not make up more than 5% of your non-strength training in a week if you hope to move the aerobic needle. Use our free download ME program. Search Muscular Endurance on the site.

    For ankle dorsi flexion I would include that as part of your strength day warm up. ry this routine:


    danwebster on #48240

    Hey Scott, actually I have read Training for the uphill athlete….and yes I understand the workouts there. I guess I should have said help me plan “new/different” workout ideas. Mine are just a bit stale. Always looking for different exercises to try etc. I find I get in to a routine or habit of the same exercises or plans. Just looking to mix it up. That’s what I meant. Thanks for the help and the incredible resources.

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