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    I just read the TfUA where it describes the Ant test. It states 30min on a incline. Now does that need to be consistent grade for 30min? And if it is too steep and you need to slow down then is the test a failure?

    Can you use a steep hike or does it need to be a consistent grade?



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    rcj on #68472

    I may be mistaken, but I believe the AnT test is “go as hard as you can sustain” for the time period. Not necessarily steady, but just going at a very high effort and slowing down if you need to, then taking the average HR.

    MarkPostle on #68477

    Jeremy, You certainly can use a steep treadmill incline for the AnT. What ideally is consistent over the course of the test is the effort. It should be a max effort that is sustainable for the time frame of the test (in this case 30 min) You can certainly make little adjustments to the pace and/or the incline over the course of the test, if you need to make huge changes you likely misjudged the starting intensity. I have folks newer to training do the test for 30 min, folks that are fairly well trained 45 min and those in the very best shape 60min. Your avg HR for the duration of the test is your AnT. Make sure your well warmed up.

    Jeremy on #68496

    I guess the issue for me is judging the intensity. I can do an all out sprint up a hill but i may be down to a crawl after a minute or two. If i pace myself i may not out in enough effort. I guess just try it and see what happens.

    MarkPostle on #68512

    Indeed its tough to gauge the intensity if you haven’t done this kind of 30-45min max effort a lot. Most folks tend to start out to hot then either blow up or need to slow down considerably. In a perfect world your pace is pretty even the whole time but your perception will be that’s its slowly getting a bit tougher to maintain as you go. The last 5 min will feel quite hard if you’ve done it correctly. It takes most folks a couple of tries to get it right.

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