Anaerobic Threshold Test

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    I watched the UA videos that clearly showed how to do and measure your AeT. I don’t see a video with a suggestion for an Anaerobic threshold test. Does one exist? There is a Anaerobic Threshold Test link in the list of Forum topics but clicking on it get a message that no content is available.

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    Fritz, there is not detailed information about the anaerobic threshold test like there is for the aerobic threshold test mostly because the test is much simpler as is the analysis. Long story sure you warm up quite well and then perform a maximal effort for 45 to 60 minutes (30 minutes some times for those just returning to training). This should be in a mode that you’re relatively well trained for, that is to say if you haven’t been running in a couple of years you might not want to do it as a run as your legs will likely give out long before any useful aerobic data is gathered. Most commonly it’s done running, extremely vigorous uphill hiking, or on a treadmill. Discounting the warm-up you take your average heart rate for that 45 to 60 minute work period and that number is your anaerobic threshold, and also the top of your zone three. This number also goes in your TP under settings>>zones>>threshold heart rate. This should be in the top left most box on the zones page under your settings.

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