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    I recently got an altimeter that was on sale but is super heavy (4oz) I will probably sell it and buy a new one. My questions: Should I look for an HR monitor and altimeter in one package or do people prefer to have these separate? (I mainly want the HR for training and the altimeter for climbing so I don’t NEED them together.) What models of altimeter do people like for mountaineering and alpine climbing?

    My criteria :
    -long battery life

    Don’t need:
    -fancy features

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    Steve House on #4304

    I do personally love my Garmin Fenix3 with the HR strap for training. The gps is actually pretty useful for training (tracking distance, etc), though not for navigating. I splurged for the one with the Sapphire screen and am glad I did.

    BeLimbach on #4341

    My answer would be very similar to Steve’s only to mention I have another watch including a HR strap and GPS/altimeter (Suunto Ambit 3). I use the watch in normal life and mountains as well as running or hiking, skiing and everything else. I am also very happy with battery life, for sure depending on the GPS use, I see most times a week long battery life. I’m ok with that. And yes, get the scratch resistant model.

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