Altimeter recommendation?

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    I’m interested in buying a second barometric altimeter that I can attach to the shoulder strap of my pack. Wondering if anyone can vouch for one (that’s metric).

    I’ve been using the one on my Garmin Instinct watch and have found it to be accurate and useful. That said, the positioning of the opening for the baro on the watch isn’t ideal. It touches the wrist and whilst wearing it on top of my shirt combats sweat interfering with it, occasionally mud gets into it. So I figured a second (lightweight) one on my pack may be a worthwhile investment.

    I’m mostly using it on dry rocky terrain or wet rainforests in Queensland Australia but I intend to use on some cold winter adventures.

    I’m thinking perhaps a cheapo watch or maybe something that doesn’t require a battery?

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    Paul van Leeuwen on #66374

    Hi David,

    What are you going to use it for? Last year I had the same problem/ Still have it whilst biking. My solution was to take of my watch and put in on the shoulder strap as the HR-data is coming from my chest strap.
    Hope it helps.

    david_spittle on #66394

    At the moment it’s for aiding navigating in rainforest and steep rocky terrain (on foot), mostly in warm weather.

    In future I’d like to use in colder mountainous terrain. So something that works below freezing would be ideal.

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