Age and heart rate

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    So I have been reading an article on HR and the older athlete. The reason is when I am out on my run my HR jumps to 180+ when I start out and settles between 140 150 (I do a 10 min walk for my warm-up). The whole time I can still talk with ease. During hard tempo or race my HR is around 160.The article explained that some fit older endurance athletes will have a HR that will stay in a higher zone and still feel comfortable as being in zone 2. To note if I do a fast trail Nordic hike my HR will stay in zone 1 or 2 So I am pretty sure my watch is fairly accurate Suunto 9 with HR strap. Welcome thoughts:)

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    Dada on #40567

    For the 180+ spike: have you tried to put some lube (like a water, sono lube) on the contacts of the strap? Sometimes the body takes a while to start sweating and so there are misreadings.

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