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    Hi Guys,

    I opened an account with Training Peaks and loaded up all my 2019 training days. Up to Sept 1st, most of the training/events were road based cycling and the training based on the “more and harder is better” principle, and looking back I spent most time in traditional HR Z3/Z4/Z5 zones. I starting reading the Uphill Athlete books in July and added some Z1/Z2 zones to my training routine ahead of last event on Sept 1, which i have to say I finished in best time ever, and felt strong all the way to the end – great:-) On Sept 2nd I switched to a 30 wk “walking/mountaineering” plan to prepare me for a tough 10 day hut to hut ski tour next April, which is 100% based on UA philosophy, so right now have started a 5 month aerobic base building block.

    Concern: I started the base training with a CTL of 70 and in less than 3 weeks it’s dropped to 60. Training has been 6 days a week ramping up to approx 9 hours this week – similar to that I was doing prior to change but at considerable less intensity.

    Question: should I be worried about this or is it a natural outcome of starting a base building period? I feel “worked” but in no way stressed by current volume. If I need to address how best should I do it as I’m working close to top of Z2 – do I simply do more?

    I’ve attached a screenshot (hopefully!) of my TP dashboard for last 180 days which might help.

    Any advice appreciated.


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    Anonymous on #28722

    Ignore the change in CTL. You’re changing sports. Your CTL up to that change was cycling-specific. It’s way easier to build up a lot of cycling volume because of the lack of impact. A cycling CTL of X isn’t relevant nor the same as a running CTL of X.

    If all of your training is now weight-bearing, then you’ll have your new, more-relevant CTL.

    I feel “worked” but in no way stressed by current volume.

    What do you mean by this? “Worked” sounds like physical stress to me.

    derekosborne22 on #28725

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for quick reply and answer as expected.

    Re “worked”, the current workout intensity is enough to make me sweat a bit so I know I’m working, but am perfectly ready for repeating the next day, even after the longer 4 hour day on the hill that I do once a week (and will gradually make longer).

    Does that make sense? I feel I could do more but everything I read in the books and on the site is GO SLOW AND BUILD GRADUALLY so I’m sticking to plan.


    Anonymous on #28726

    Ah, okay, thanks for the clarification. In climbing parlance, “worked” means really tired, so that’s what I was thinking.

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