AeT Testing- Very High Lactate!!

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    So i performed the Aet test yesterday on the treadmill. Lactate measurements were high from the start! I did a 15min warm up averaging 119 bpm which is very low for me. I Started around 100bpm. The last 5 minutes i averaged around 138. My max was around 144 during the end of the warm up.

    During the test

    3min stages

    1st stage: hr123 – 6.2 Mmol
    2nd hr129 – 11.2 Mmol
    3nd hr143 – 3.3 Mmol
    4nd hr148 – 3.6 Mmol

    So as you can see from the start the 2 mMol limit was exceeded by far. I took a Lactate measurement 30 min after the test (at rest) . It showed > 2mMol!!

    I knew my hear rate has always been high! My 30min HR Lactate Threshold test last year was 190 bpm. A few months ago it was 185hr on flat terrain (4:30 min/km pace) For my easy/moderate runs i usually average 140 to 160bpm. Some times before races my HR can be at 160-170 without even moving. However the Lactate concentration is unusually high. I did a bit of research and found that elevated Lactate at rest is not a good indication. What can this mean ? I’m planning on doing the Lactate test again next week.

    Also 3 years ago i did a lab test. Lactate measurements 5min after the highest intensity test (vo2max) was at 12.2 mMol. My Max HR was 200 bpm

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    That makes me think three things:

    * You’re a fast-twitcher (me too);
    * You probably ate within a few hours before the test; and
    * You probably weren’t warmed up enough. I’ve seen that initial lactate spike before in athletes that started too fast too soon. That big drop in the third stage indicates to me that your aerobic system finally “woke up” and started reabsorbing the excess lactate.

    Next time:

    * Do the next test first thing in the morning, fasted, without caffeine, and before you get hungry; and
    * Start even slower; and maybe
    * Take a baseline sample before you even start.

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    I notice that your heart rate in the warmup went far above the heart rate in the initial stage of the testing. That can’t be correct protocol. That way you will have no way of knowing if you are seeing a “residual” lactate concentration from your warmup, or you are seeing lactate which is actually being produced during the test.

    When I did a lab test, they were very careful about warming me up progressively to the heart rate at which the test would start. At no point during the warmup was I above that heart rate.

    Anonymous on #27802

    What Allen said! You definitely don’t want to exceed your test heart rates during the warm up of a lactate test.

    Good catch, @allen-experia.

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