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    I subscribed to UA 16 wk. Big Mountain Plan last yr. for a climb in Alaska and used TP for my statistics. Both worked great and I felt I was in the best shape of my life considering my age (68yrs.). AeT test last yr. yielded 138 top of Zone 2 with 124/Zone 1. I repeated AeT test @ 3 months later and Zone 2 was 142 & Zone 1 was 128. I continued to train at these numbers. I just did another AeT test to begin another training cycle but I now know I set the speed of the treadmill too fast (NordicTrac, 10% grade, speed 4.0). HR at 30 min. was 157 & same at 45 min. when I stopped the test due to knowing I was way outside Zone 2 for too long and I felt effort was too great. Although I didn’t finish the test properly, it appears I don’t have any appreciable Heart Rate Drift. Would you recommend to retake test and reduce treadmill speed to get exact results?

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    Ah… NordicTrack. I bought an Incline Trainer last year (as did Scott J.) and both of ours under-report the actual speed. And the inaccuracy increases as the incline increases. So I would take speeds on NordicTrack machines with a grain of salt and go by heart rate (or calibrate the treadmill).

    I know it’s a pain, but I would do another test to be sure. However, it does sound like you can go at higher heart rates than you thought previously.

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    Thank you Scott S. for your reply. After I posted the question, I thought, well, that was stupid. Of course they will advise to retake the test. But, I think you’re right. Since my last training cycle I’ve pretty much held onto my aerobic base. Thanks again!

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