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    Hi everyone.
    I had a couple quick follow on questions around the AeT protocol and was hoping our coaches could weigh in.
    I know Steve mentioned during the Zoom call to make sure we are rested for the test. My question was pointed toward fueling / nutrition.
    In many cases we are doing these tests early in the morning. Is it better to eat say 30 minutes before (and if so what) or is it ok to do this in a morning fasted state?

    I chose to have a shake before the test I did today but could just as easily do it without.
    Does it matter? Should it?

    Second question – I did my test this morning on a treadmill at 15% incline. Would doing the test on a stair machine (the escalator looking thing) be better or is it not going to be that much different. My goals lean more toward Mountaineering.


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    MarkPostle on #67262

    Steve, I usually recommend folks eat before but the reality is since this is an easy 60min effort I don’t see much difference in fasted vs non fasted data. If you have access to both machines I would try the test both ways and see how the data compares. Were going to chat about the test in this weeks Zoom.

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