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    Moiez K


    I have done the first 16 weeks of the 24-week Mountaineering Plan (twice) and my AeT has gone up from 132 to 144 to 153. Since my next trip to Ecuador is in March, I decided to redo the 24-week Plan starting from Week 4 and did another AeT today. These are the results:

    If I highlight Minute 10 to 40 (30 minutes), my average is 153. If I highlight Minute 40 to Minute 70, my average is 162. The average for the entire workout is 156. What should I take as my AeT? My AeT from my last test was 153.


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    Shashi on #55554

    Thanks for sharing the training peaks link.

    Was this an indoor test on a treadmill? How long was your warm-up before you started tracking heart rate?

    Your heart rate stabilizes around 148-150 after 10 minutes. Was this your target heart rate?

    Based on the averages you shared heart rate drift is 5.9%. If you warm up was only 10 minutes, I would redo this test with a longer warm up and let the heart rate stabilize around target heart rate (150) before starting the test.

    Moiez K on #55559

    My warmup was a good 25 minutes and this was an indoor treadmill test with 0 incline and 6.0 speed. Yes, my target rate was about 150.

    Moiez K on #55650

    Any thoughts, @Shashi?

    Shashi on #55673

    Sorry – I was away for a couple of days.

    Your warm-up time is good. Based on the heart rate drift, I would recommend redoing the test may be at a lower target heart rate, say 145.

    You mentioned that you have done an AeT test before and estimated it to be 153. If you don’t mind, can you share the link to this test?

    Moiez K on #55692


    This was my previous test in November 2020:


    Shashi on #55701

    Thanks for sharing. Your previous test looks good. Maybe there were other factors that caused a higher drift in your latest AeT test. Typically if the drift is higher than 5%, the recommendation is to drop the target heart rate. But in this case, maybe you can do the test again at a target heart rate of say 155 and see how it goes. Wish you the best!

    Moiez K on #55709

    You mean 145.

    Shashi on #55710

    Your previous test was good and AeT was around 150-153. That’s why I recommended doing another test at 155.

    Just ignoring your latest test as I am not sure what went wrong.

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