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    Hi Guys,

    Conducted second heart rate drift AeT test this morning after 4 weeks Z2 training – it’s moved from a 7% delta to 2.7% :-))). So simple question – how much should I move my AeT?

    Background: Used the 180 less age as starting point, then less 5 for ADS as it’s a long time since I’ve done any low intensity training – this worked out at 112 (I’m 63). First test was 7% delta so have done last 4 weeks at an AeT of 110. Given it’s now 2.7% what should I set for next block?

    AnT is around 148, although this is bike based – not sure if it transfers to foot based exercise. All of the last 4 weeks training has been in the gym (treadmill at 10% or greater, or stair master) with one 3-4 hour session per week outside on the hills.

    Appreciate some guidance as keen to bridge the gap between AeT and AnT.

    Many thanks,

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    Rachel on #29325

    When I have gotten 2% drift I usually just add 1-2 beats.

    Anonymous on #29326

    First, great job. I’m sure that those hours on the treadmill were mentally hard and not very gratifying. Good work for getting it done.

    And now you’re seeing the benefits!

    Just to make sure that I understand correctly:
    * Your first test started at ~112 and ended at ~120 (+7%)?
    * Your second test started at ~112 and ended at ~115 (+2.7%)?

    If that’s the case then I think it’d be okay to start working AeT at ~120.

    derekosborne22 on #29356

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for quick reply and advice. Numbers not quite right although close enough I think, but to be sure I have outlined below.

    1st test: started at 112. First 1/2 average: 115
    Second 1/2 average: 123
    Delta 8bpm, 7%
    As this was > than 5% I started first block slightly lower at 110 and have used that as AeT throughout the last 4 weeks

    2nd test: started at 110. First 1/2 average: 111
    Second 1/2 average: 114
    Delta 3bpm, 2.7%

    Does this alter your advice to start next block at 120? I’m happy to do that, and it will make hill sessions easier as it was impossible to go slow enough on steep parts to stay below AeT, particularly after 2+ hours going up. Is there any way I can quickly spot if this should prove to be too high?

    As to work on treadmills, audio books made it a lot more bearable 🙂

    Thanks again for you help.


    derekosborne22 on #29357

    Hi Scott …. quick addendum to above. Re quickly spotting if 120 too high, I can’t really do nose breathing test – have damaged nose from rugby days and find breathing through my nose hard at best of times, so not a very reliable test for me.


    Anonymous on #29379

    I think you’d be safe to use 120. But if you’re concerned, you can always do another test.

    derekosborne22 on #29380

    Thanks Scott.

    I’ll go with 120 from tomorrow (4hr hill walk with a forecasted windchill across the tops of -7C!!!). I’ve got quite a good feel for things now so if I feel it’s a bit high over next few sessions I’ll take it back a bit. Next test scheduled for 4 weeks so will be interesting to see what it shows.

    Your advice much appreciated.


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