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    Roy Gold

    This is the 2nd time I’ve done the AeT test and maybe I’m doing it wrong. Input would be helpful.

    Aerobic threshold:

    1st try-
    15% hill @ 2.1 speed
    First 30 minute = 120 bpm
    Second 30 minute = 122 bpm
    Since the difference is not between 3%-5% we had to repeat it

    2nd try-
    15% hill @ 2.3 speed
    First 30 minute = 132 bpm
    Second 30 minute = 134 bpm
    Since the difference is not between 3%-5% I have to repeat it right?

    3rd try-
    15% hill @ 2.6 speed?!
    Should I try and hit 150-159 BPM on my third try? My TP does say my AeT is 150-159 but it seems really high?

    Any help would be helpful. I’m in doors doing this on a treadmill. I feel like I can control my breath pretty good and while I’m in the exercise I feel the 2nd 30 minute round is always easier than the first. I also feel like I can reduce my heart rate with steady breathing and also just relaxing my body as I climb.
    Is that normal?

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    MarkPostle on #59557

    Roy- There is a pretty wide range of AeT numbers for folks depending on their training history, physiology and age. 150+ is definitely at the higher end of the bell curve but totally believable. Mine is around 148 mostly due to physiology (I wish I could say it is brilliant training but its always been that way) Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up before you start the test as this throws the data off at times. I like to warm up for 20 minutes and then give another 5-10 minutes to make sure I’m finding a pace that stabilizes my starting HR right around my intended target. Once folks get to where they are drifting some but not 3-5% I will usually have them add 5 bpm to their starting HR for the next test. When you get up near your AeT you’ll see the drift increase and be able to dial it in.

    Roy Gold on #59579

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I did my third try yesterday.

    Warmed up for 20 minutes. But my entry heart rate was around 130. Maybe I didn’t warm up enough.

    3rd try-
    15% hill @ 2.6 speed
    First 30 minute = 141 bpm
    Second 30 minute = 146 bpm
    Since the difference is between 3%-5% we are right around aerobic threshold.

    Should I repeat this test with a longer warm up as you suggested?

    Another question, for the top of zone 2 should I enter the Average HR of the first 30 minutes, or should I enter the entry heart rate to the first 30 minutes?

    Its kinda confusing.

    MarkPostle on #59585

    Yup this looks a bit better Roy. If you want to next week you could try it at 2.7 and just see what the drift looks like.

    Your AeT and top of Z2 is the HR that you started the hour at. The two averages are just to determine drift they are not AeT. You’ll have to look at your data but with an average of 141 for first 30 min your AeT is 138 ish.

    Roy Gold on #59589

    Thank you ??

    Roy Gold on #59590

    Thank you Mark!! (the ?? were an emoji)

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