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    Just did an AeT treadmill test. The conditions were: 15min/mile with 10% incline grade for 90 min with the warm up included as the first 30 min. If I am reading the test correctly, my AeT HR is ~162. I averaged 160 BPM for the first 30 min, and 164 for the second 30 min. The increase was ~2.5%.

    Am I reading this right? If so, should I attempt another AeT test at a higher intensity?Link below.

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    Shashi on #65753

    Thank you for sharing the Training Peaks link.

    Was your warmup at the same incline and pace as the test (10%, 15 min/mile)? Also, have you done your Anaerobic Threshold test?

    rcj on #65769

    Alex, If everything was in line as Shashi is asking, Then in looking at your workout, I would say your AeT is 158. I started at 30 minutes and did the first half/second half averages which you mentioned above. But what Mark Postle (I believe I interpreted this correctly) said to do is to then take the average of the first ~five minutes after the warmup to get your AeT. That is 158. I hope this helps and is not incorrect.

    MarkPostle on #65775

    Is the HR data file included from chest strap data? It seemed slightly jumpy for a steady state TM effort, for example about 33 min in there’s a jump from 152 – 164 in a pretty short time frame. Small to medium data errors can throw the test off a fair bit. Also did you run the entire 90 min at the same pace angle of incline?

    alexcombs95 on #65781

    Thank you for all the replies. The entire run was at the same incline and pace. I used the Garmin HRM Pro chest strap. I have not done an AnT test yet, but estimate mine to be around 180. My plan is to continue my base training with a new target HR of 155, and retest in about 6 weeks.

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