AeT heart rate drift test advice please

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    Hi, another one of these I’m afraid, but any help would really be much appreciated (unable to attach TCX data as file is too big, but happy to email, I use strava, is there a way to make data public on there?).

    This is following on from the “starting from scratch” thread that I posted 3 weeks ago. Well I’ve been upping my volume slowly and can now keep going for a full hour so thought it was time to do a test. It’s probably not super accurate as I was just in my local park, but I did a ‘there and back’ circuit twice and my splits were exactly the same both times, so I’m happy my pace was constant (15 minutes out, 16 minutes back both time (there’s a slight hill on the return).

    Looking at the data, I suspect the GPS data on my phone is having a mild fit, because it seems to vary a lot of over the hour, however the heart rate was take with a polar H9 so should be accurate. Anyway, using the Pa:hr tool I get a drift of <5%, and if I purely look at heart rate and assume the pace is constant (noting the comment above regarding my splits) it goes from an average of 157 in the first half to 160 in the second (i.e <5% increase), but again there is a lot of variance. Trying to crop out the low heart rate at the beginning and knocking off first and last km also has me within my AeT according to the percentages.

    So my question is, is it reasonable to assume that this level of exertion is within my AeT (I’m loathe to put a number on it due the variance in heart rate)? Or are these results just a bit useless and really I need to get in on a treadmill to get an accurate result?

    I’m slightly suspicious, as I’d expect my AeT to be somewhat lower as I’m 33. The exertion certainly felt easy though and I could nose breathe the whole time and could easily have continued at that pace.

    hope that all made sense and as I said above, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks


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    Rachel on #53105

    I agree with you that you can just look at your heart rate because the two splits were the same time. Sometimes the GPS on watches can get a bit wonky.

    You could share a link to your Strava workout if it’s public (you can check the privacy settings for the workout).

    The fact it felt easy is a good sign. If you feel like you could go out and do it again day after day that’s also an indicator that you are working under AeT. Do you know what your AnT is?

    wjcdean on #53118

    Hi Rachel, thanks for the getting back to me. Yes I could certainly have done the same level of exertion the day after, which is a good sign. I’m using the gps tracking on my very cheap and old phone, so I think it struggles to keep up and has a habit of regularly dropping out and then jumping to catch up.

    I feel a bit more confident carrying on with what I’m doing now based on what you’ve said. When I got myself a heart rate monitor and found my heart rate was so high I was slightly concerned that I’d been accidentally going zone 3 the whole time. Perhaps I am just one of those outliers that the MAF formula doesn’t work well for.

    Here’s my Strava activity of anyone is interested

    Anonymous on #55237

    I checked the link, but there’s no detail, just a total time.

    If you upload it to the free version of TP and share the public link, I can look at your HRs.

    One thing though, you said “15 minutes out, 16 minutes back” so was this a 30-minute test? The drift test is based on a 60-minutes test after a slow, gradual warm-up.

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