AeT frustrations

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    I started this journey when I was unemployed back in the end of June 2020, I was getting an easy 4 to 5hrs or more a week of training. Started with an AeT of 140, by late March of 2021 my AeT increased to what I thought was 160, but probably 155 bc of error. Anyway my speed had increased to being able to run a 10K in under an hour and roughly averaging 9:30/9:40 min miles. Since I started work mid April 2021 then my speed plummeted, got sick a few times, injured a few times but no more than not being able to run/train for more than a week or 1.5 weeks at the most. Since I started working I can pretty reliably get 3hrs a week in, I know not a lot but it’s better than being a couch potato.

    I know my current AeT at least the last test was 155 bc my Pa:HR was under 5% outside running on a pretty flat course.

    I was also able to finish my 1st ever 8hr adventure race and beyond my legs being done my lungs were pretty good, the day after the race wasn’t sore or anything.

    So the point to the story and the frustration is this past Sunday I tried an AeT test at a higher HR, averaged 161/162 but my Pa:Hr cane back at 10%….. granted my monitor was being funky in the beginning but settled out after about 10min, did a little over a 15min warm up and a solid hour test. Oh it was also 80 degrees outside too… the entire test I was comfortably breathing, legs felt good so….

    I just would have thought my AeT would have increased even though I’m only getting 3hrs q week in….. I’m almost 2yrs into this and feel like I’ve plateau and my speed still sucks compared to my 9:30 miles.

    Just frustrated that I haven’t improved any. I thought my AnT had changed but did another one of those earlier in the year and its still right around 180/185 where it was when I first tested it in 2020.

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    LindsayTroy on #68431

    To me it seems that maintaining your AeT and speed despite cutting your training nearly in half, getting sick, etc. seems like good “progress”, but thats just me.

    juskojj on #68432

    Thanks! I’ve maintained my AeT but I do feel like speed may have dropped at bit although at times it does seem like it comes back.

    I’ll have to see if I can get some more time in but that means either waking up at 430am instead of 5 or trying to get weekends in which at times can be difficult. Although I may be able to get something in the same day my wife runs if I can go before and get back before she goes and able to shower and get the kids ready 🙂

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