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    I just retested my Aet on treadmill it has been nearly a year from the last one. I had couple of attempts outdoors to poor results. I had done a one outdoors on the road up to our ski resort. It is a solid, sustained 10 degree slope. I jogged and ended up with a 7% delta for a starting HR of 138. After that I read not to do the test running uphill-fair enough. I am not a “runner”, although I do ~2 weekly jogs for an hour. I don’t believe that Iam strong enough runner to sustain proper HR on the terrain I have available, at the speeds necessary (hip surgery in 2019). So, I felt maybe there was some operator error.

    I retested two days ago on a treadmill and got a ~1% at 138 starting HR. I pretty much new I went to low shortly into it. With the way things are (covid) and the lack of motivation to spend time on a treadmill, what can reasonably extrapolate? Aet about 140?


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    With a -1% drift at 138 I’d say you are probably safe using 145 as AeT. The real test will be; can you recover in 24 hours so you can do the same thing again over and over?

    If so then you are at or below AeT. Take care of the hip.


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