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    I have a hard time trying to identify my AeT. I have tried the free online calculator and I often get negative values… Does that mean I should try a higher value for the mean HR? Here is my latest try: The test is the second lap. Note that I had to take a short pee in the second lap, but I tried to increase my HR before starting the activity again to limit the impact. Is there anything that can be understood from that activity?

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    Shashi on #64872


    Thanks for sharing the Training Peaks link. The heart rate during your warmup looks quite erratic.

    I would recommend redoing the test with a good 15-20 minute warmup, let your heart rate stabilize around 155 before you start the test. For the next one hour, try to keep your heart rate around 155.

    Estimating AeT takes a couple of tries for most athletes, so this is normal.

    skzm on #64882

    Hello All,

    Apologies to jump on this thread – but I’m in a similar boat trying to assess my AeT and did a 150bpm test. I did a similar test but didn’t include my warm-up…

    Training Peaks link below. I got a drift of just under 3.5% so that sounds like my AeT would be around 150-155?


    Shashi on #64905


    The test looks good. You can set your AeT at 150 for now and do a test again in another month or so with a target heart rate of 155.

    AshRick on #64930

    Related question…
    How does AeT as used here relate to first and second ventilatory threshold?

    I had the Met testing done at UC Davis and I’m trying to correlate those threshold results with UA terminology.

    Shashi on #64935

    AeT – First Ventilatory Threshold
    AnT – Second Ventilatory Threshold

    Breath Intensity Monitoring Physiology

    martincousi on #65187

    Ok, so I redid my AeT test (, the first lap is my warm-up and all the other laps are my run).

    By using the online calculator, I get values between 5.2% and 5.8% depending on which 1-hour time window I use, with an average HR of 157bpm. Should I just assume that my HR is 155bpm or do I need to redo the test?

    Thank you!

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    Shashi on #65754

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your second test. Based on this test, you can estimate AeT at 155.

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