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    My AeT is ~167 (Using HR drift test) and my AnT is 186 (avg HR during 30 mins max effort)
    My AeT seems high, however my pace is shit. I run 9:13/mile at AeT and 8:04/mile at AnT on flat ground, no elevation
    Compared to the dude here at least

    I’ve been running for 4 months, running with a structure for 2 months.
    Am I just shit at running?
    Or do I have a small heart or something
    I can’t imagine a 8:10/mile pace being my AeT pace considering how difficult that pace is to maintain

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    bbarlin10 on #75729

    Wow seems great to me. I think it is all a matter of perspective. Not sure of your age, training background, available training time, etc. Your AeT and AnT are close, so great. Now it’s time to add intensity. Done properly, in conjunction with keeping your base work up, you will see speed increases. If you are a slow twitch muscle kind of athlete, it will take longer, but you will see improvements. Remember speed is many components, including strength, and given your numbers, you should be able to make progress. Also, don’t compare yourself to someone in an article. Yes there are some superior athletes that train using this method and trying to compare yourself without knowing if it is a fair comparison seems like a good way to get depressed.

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