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    Hi guys,

    I hope you can help me. I started just this season with a structured training plan (which I bought here) to try it out and to improvement my fitness for mountaineering. Following this plan works fine. I am using the trainingpeaks website/app and there is on the home screen one diagram I am not so familiar.
    It is this general overview about your CTL (Chronic Training Load). I tried to get more information about this topic but it is very hard. My question is:
    Currently I made big steps in the beginning, but since several weeks I reached a plateau and I am not moving up although I am following the plan. Ok…I must admit I feel a little bit tired during the workouts.

    So…what is the reason? Over training? To much workload? And what can I do to make a step upwards?

    Thank you in advance and best regards.

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    Anonymous on #5474


    Have you read some of the forum topics that can be found just on the right side of this screen? Try reading the Training Peaks tagged posts. If you are training on hills or mountains then you must convert rTSS to hrTSS. hrTSS is an imperfect metric and you may need to apply some of the modifications to it like adding 1O TSS for each 300m of vertical. If you are doing the General Strength you should probably give yourself 40-50 TSS for a short strength session and 50-70 for a full hour. For a full Max strength session use 80.

    But most of all you must listen to your body. If you are feeling more run down and tired and nothing else in your life has changed, then you probably are getting more tried from the training. You need either to give yourself more recovery and/or back off a bit on the training load. The CTL numbers are only way to roughly measure what we think is happening for most people most of the time. This does not mean that CTL is correct and your body is mistaken.

    In most cases like this it usually means that you increased the training load too fast in the first weeks. This made your fitness shoot up but then the fatigue catches up with you.

    Without more information I can’t be sure.


    Vladimir on #5504

    Hi Scott,

    thank you for your feedback.
    Yes, I read some articles and saw this conversion. Structured training is new for me, so sorry to ask sometimes too much.
    I read also your book (Training for the New Alpinism), but for me it is a lot of input and I am trying to put it in the right order for me.

    But as said, thank you for the answer and I will go deeper in the forums.

    Best regards

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