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    Hi there,

    After reading the book and various comments on this forum, I think I definitely have ADS from too much hard training and not enough base! I have however tried to replace all my harder training with aerobic base training which has been going well but I always seem to exceed my AeT (±130 on the nose breathing scale) on hilly base runs. Even if I (power) walk up some hills, I go into the 140-150’s easily.

    Should I just replace the hill runs with a flat course which is very boring IMO and would be on tarmac instead of trail which is a bit of a killer – so that I stay within the AeT the whole time or is the occasional spike in heart rate for a few minutes acceptable on a hilly course for aerobic base training / ADS ?

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    Anonymous on #28636

    Hmmm… Just go slower? Instead of power walking, just walk! Harder is not better in this case, so it’s best to just back off until you can stay under AeT HR.

    Aaron on #28660

    Even week to week my speed uphill staying in <AeT varies. On rested days in fitter cycles power hiking is the fastest I can go, when not well rested or feeling slightly sick my <AeT speed is embarrassingly slow walk. I gravitate towards staying on the hills as it is more relevant, and well, fun. On the way down I can stay <AeT while running which gets me some eccentric stimulus as a bonus.

    brian on #28711

    I have found that power hiking or walking fast can raise my HR more than a slower running gait. So I “run” slow, but slightly faster than that power hike, and it also gives me an opportunity to practice my form and cadence on uphills at a slow easy pace.

    This is usually only the case when I am at elevation in the mountains.

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