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    My partner and I are planning to ski Mt Baker in 13 weeks and are wondering whether we would be best with a 8- or 12-week mountaineering training plan. If we go with the 8-week plan, should we do a 4 weeks transition beforehand?

    Currently, we are running 2 to 3 times per week (45 min on average), we are doing a half-day of backcountry skiing per week, and we are doing one strength training per week. So, I believe our base is not too bad, but we are worried with the 800 meters D+ approach with a 45 lb backpack. We are currently skiing with a 20 to 30 lb backpack.

    Also, what do these two programs represent in terms of days of training and number of hours of training per week? Will we be able to continue our half- or full-day of skiing?

    Finally, should I just finish reading the book and organize us a training plan? Is our current training not too bad?

    Thank you!

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    Shashi on #63824

    If you have time to train for 12 weeks and can accommodate a taper week, go with the 12-week training plan. If you buy the plan and don’t like it, just send an email to coach@uphillathlete.com

    In terms of training volume/week, the 12-week plan starts at about 5 hours and tops out at 7 hours 40 minutes in the last week.

    You can still do backcountry skiing as part of your aerobic workout, just be conscious of the total workout time and progression from one week to the next.

    You can develop your own plan based on the book. Do four weeks of Base and then switch to Muscular Endurance for the last eight weeks. Have a recovery week every fourth week and gradually increase the volume.

    Wish you the best!

    martincousi on #63826

    Great. Thank you for the answers!

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