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    are there anything special one should think about in the preparations for events lasting up to about 70 hours, such as a long single push alpine climb etc. I know the basics would be the same, and that there are no magic tricks, but is there anything that you would point out as specially important?

    For example, how to avoid the flat feeling that i have experienced when being in a specific period for similar objectives, doing a lot of long days and no intensity. I feel fresh and strong in general, but legs feel heavy even when rested, like the FT-fibres are inactive.

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    To tackle very long events the single best thing you can have done for preparation is to have accumulated a huge volume of training at low to moderate intensity spiced with focused strength sessions and a small amount of event specific intensity over many months.

    By event specific intensity (for mountaineering and running) I mean weighted steep uphills for climbing/mountaineering events and long uphill running intervals for running events.

    It is hard to reconcile your “feeling fresh and strong” with “legs feel heavy even when rested” comments. The first sounds like you are ready to perform at an optimal level. The second statement sounds to me like your legs have not recovered from a deep fatigue caused by a heavy long term training cycle. If you’ve been doing a lot of ME this will leave your legs heavy and dead feeling and depending on the length of the ME block it can take 2-4 weeks for your legs to feel fresh again. The delayed training effect of this ME block will then last about as long as the concentrated training block was. This heavy legs feeling is VERY unlikely to come from not enough stimulus to any muscle fiber type, especially the FT. What you are feeling is fatigue.


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    Maybe the feeling would be better described as “unresponsive” rather than dead and heavy.

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    I still suspect your legs are tired and not fully recovered and not in need of FT stimulation.


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    It`s more as a getting too used to the same intensity from long 6-12hour z1 workouts. During late base and early specific I’m doing some longer z3 work and usually feel very strong after some recovery.

    However the 30 000ft single push ski traverse i was training for last, went fine, and i felt strong during and after

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