24 Week Training Program – Round Two

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    Hope everyone is enjoying their training progress.. I know I am. Love every minute,, well most.. I took the program for a test spin last year.. This is the second use. A few issues below (im in the 24 week training Program for a Denali Climb slated for May 24):

    1. Wahoo App – It crashes constantly and the workouts are gone. I ditched it for the Polar version for now without elevation but am able to get that from Strava. The Garmin Fenix 6 X Pro is in the mail! No more wahoo,,, anyone else seeing the same?

    2. hrTss or RTss – I’ve seen it in here to switch it over to hrTss? being im in the first few weeks this should be easy to do.

    3. I missed about three weeks of the front end of the program but am in pretty good shape, at least I think I am. Will be missing a week for the Prep Course on Baker in March.. I just shifted if back a week.. thoughts?

    Thats it for now,, any hep here would be greatly appreciated. Will update this post as the program continues..


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    Anonymous on #36839

    1. Not familiar with the Wahoo app, but if you’re getting a watch, then you shouldn’t need it anymore. One thing though, you need to use a chest strap with your watch. Optical (wrist) monitors are crap.

    2. Yes, delete/remove all of the Training Peaks auto-thresholds. Also, disable the settings for automatic changes to thresholds and notifications thereof.

    …am in pretty good shape, at least I think I am.

    3. The early weeks of a training plan are more important than the latter. I would reduce the number of harder weeks before cutting transition or base weeks (regardless of fitness level).

    Henryhampton on #37148

    Thanks for the Heads Up Scott! Went back into the previous workouts and changed the rTSS to hrTSS where I could and the Fitness Level came up a bit! One more quick one if you could.. want to be able to add a picture to the forum profile and have tried every which way from Sunday.. got any ideas…

    Anonymous on #37169

    No problem. For all WordPress sites, you add a photo to your profile using Gravatar. Once added, your photo will show up on any WordPress sites where you’re a user, and any other non-WordPress sites that also use Gravatar.

    Henryhampton on #37243

    Awesome! thanks for the heads up!

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