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    I’m at about the middle of the 24 week training plan (6 weeks into base period), and thinking I should make some modifications, so I’m looking for some guidance. First off, I’m 60yo and in pretty good shape (except a fake hip and numerous disk issues). After bonking above high camp on Island Peak last season, I am training for Lobuche in April. My belief is that I trained wrong the first time (not enough volume of low level cardio) and this time will be different 🙂

    Lobuche is not really a technical peak. At most I’ll spend some time using an ascender. I’ve already modified the Base exercises somewhat. My breaks inbetween sets are a little longer, and for some exercises (like pull ups), I’ve reverted to doing a few more reps rather than fewer very slow reps. I know strength reserve is important, but I am trying hard.

    I’m to start hill sprints this week. I am a poor runner, so a 2 km warm-up run is pretty difficult. How can I pare it down a little so I survive the workout and still get real benefit?


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    Sorry to be slow getting to this. It got into our spam folder.

    Do not bother with Hill Sprints at all. If you do not run much this can be a good way to get injured. Instead ad more sets to the box steps in the strength workout and use the hill sprint day for more Z1-2 training via hiking.

    Good luck.

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