Z4 intervals for ME?

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    Hi guys,

    I’m a little bit clueless atm.

    My goal: I have a mountain instructor (not mountain guide) test in mid of July. We won’t go below AeT all the time in those test. Done this test before, I am aware of the endurance demands. I wanna be in my best possible shape.

    My training so far:
    I was beating the Z1/2 drum for a whole year now. No intensity. I curred ADS.

    • I have allergic asthma which will reduce my normal AeT by 20 beats in July; I also have stress asthma
    • Had disc surgery in January, so I tried the uphill carries, but cannot do them due to the load on my back; (flat and downhill) running is also causing some problems at the moment
    • I’m an FT guy (that’s why I would need a lot of weight to do ME); did a lot of Z4 intervals and HIIT in my early years (track and field)
    • I can go to the mountains on the weekend (Z1 back-to-back), during the week I just have access to a park with 50m altitude difference with all kind of slopes
    My plan so far:
    Since I can’t really do the weighted hill carries, I was thinking to do intervals for the ME effect. And since my hill in the city is very short, I was thinking about doing Z4 30s/30s intervals. So 30s up / 30s down and repeat. I would keep the Z1/2 work of course.

    The gym ME training is good, but many exercises in there might cause some back problems again.

    What do you guys think about that?

    Thank you!

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    Anonymous on #41132

    The intensity substitution makes sense, I think.

    But… what I was wondering most was–and it’s none of my business–are you sure you want to do this as a profession?

    * Summer asthma
    * Stress asthma
    * Back injury

    Guide-type work sounds like it could be a constant struggle.

    Dada on #41154

    Hi Scott,

    Don’t worry, that’s not the mountain guide exam ? let’s call it mountain instructor for the local mountain club. You are not allowed to use this “degree” for monetary reasons, its voluntary work. You guide people on toroutes like
    • Aletschhorn via Mittelaletschbiwak
    • Piz Palü
    • Piz Bernina Spallagrat
    • Weismies
    • Alphubel
    • Aletschhorn Southern Route
    • Allalinhorn
    • Wallis, „Spagettirunde“

    I’ll keep my job. But you’re right, doing this as my main profession would be insane, although I’m 35.

    And thx for the advice!


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