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    Hi there,
    I read the entire book and as I advance with my training, I keep checking it . I’m at the point to start the intensity week so basically z3 workout and after z4 workout. On the book the z3 workout are 2:
    – 3*8 minutes
    – 20- 40 minutes steady
    It’s not mentioned or I couldn’t find it if it’s an uphill workout or a flat one…or mixed. Can please someone clarify it? Thanks a lot

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    Ste17 on #84869

    can someone close and cancel this thread ? 😀

    Jane Mackay on #84871

    Have you got an answer to your question, Ste17?

    Ste17 on #84872

    yes indeed. I just read it better and it says uphill, although it does not specify the steepness. But from my point of view it’s still running sport so probably 10/15% of incline it’s good. what you think ?

    Jane Mackay on #84901

    Ste17, the first reply in this forum post is from Scott Johnston, the co-founder of UA. Does it answer your question?ù

    Zone 3 uphill intervals


    Ste17 on #85003

    Thanks to all for the replying… I have still a doubt as I did the muscular endurance training in outdoor doing 3×10 minutes uphill 10/15% grade with 8 kg of backpack for about 7 weeks(initial base period). Now I’m starting the intensity week and on the book it’s mentioned to swap the ME workout with z3 (beginning) z4(later) workout.
    So what am I supposed to do ? Carry on with ME workout or drop the backpack and start to do uphill intervals ? Thanks to everyone

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