Zone 3 uphill intervals

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    What is the recommended grade for the zone 3 uphill intervals in the mike foote plan. Is it same as the sprints (20 deg+), or something else? Can it be amended with the uphill tire pull as described in TFTNA?


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    Anonymous on #57347


    I try to make the higher intensity sessions mimic as closely as I can the actual event you are training for. If your event has steep hills you should consider doing 1/2 of these Z3 sessions on similar grades. They will have more of a muscular endurance training effect that the flatter ones. I tire drag can work well if you do not have steep enough terrain. Start with a small tire though. These are very hard.


    JB on #60343

    Follow up questions because I will be starting these soon. What is the suggest progression that is referred to here.

    “-10 hour (600 minute) week implies that this first workout should be capped at a maximum of 30 minutes in Z3. We suggest breaking this into intervals such as 3 x 10 minutes with a 2 minute active recovery rest interval between each repetition.”

    Would you vary total variation? Increasing up to 40 minutes over a a series of workouts? I plan on using treadmill as things are getting snowy, but not enough. Once there is enough snow would transition to skis be reasonable for this workout? It’s’ the season. Thanks and happy holidays.

    brianbauer on #60522

    I am not a doctor, but I can tell you what I have been doing. I finished my ultra trail racing season in late summer at Broken Arrow. after that race I needed to shift to Skimo race prep. I needed 2 things that are generally not in my ultra plan: 1) ME strength 2) high intensity intervals. I work on these things both indoor and outdoor:

    Indoors on treadmill
    1. 10 min warmup
    2. 20 mins interval at 10% grade
    3. 3×15 single leg box steps, 3×15 single leg lunges: repeat 3x(180 reps per leg, 540 total reps after 3 complete sets)
    4. repeat 2 and 3 three times with no breaks. takes about 1:45 with short cool down jog
    my HR is slow to get elevated, but by the mid-point of my 2nd run interval my HR holds steady about 88-90% of my max( max established as highest recorded rate during shorter races, which is slightly above 220-age)
    by the end of the workout, I have 40 mins+ in my target HR range. my target range is the point just below LT. I understand my LT HR to be about 90% of max HR based on hours of training. above that HR, I feel lactic build-up. Note: my perceived effort during intervals is about a 7.5. I can comfortably hold the HR for extended periods

    I do laps of my local ski resort. there is a section of trail that is .73 miles with 697ft of elevation gain = avg grade of 18%.
    1. warmup lap
    2. 4x laps at LT. takes about 15 mins to go up at a PE of about 8. down takes about 10 mins at slow jog
    3. if I am feeling frisky, I may throw in some leg bounding for 30 secs, once per lap
    4. cool down jog back to car

    I apologize for not being as technical as some of you guys when it comes to talking about training. and after writing up this workout, I realize that it may actually be closer to a Z4 workout( I have the UA book, but I am not fluent in all the terminology)

    what I can say is that after 7 weeks of doing the indoor workout 2x per week, and the outdoor workout 1x per week: my ME leg strength has improved significantly. I have had to increase my indoor pace by .4 mph to hit and hold my target HR. I take 2 rest days per week, an do low intensity running on the other day(s). 2 important notes: while 3x/week hard workouts seems like too much, because I ran ultras all season, my current weekly volume is much, much less than it was during ultra season. I am a Masters level competitor, and I need 2 full days between ME strength workouts. also note, at week 5 I had a 5 days business trip and could only workout once. on my return, I did the outdoor workout and in 4 laps bested my per-lap PR by 1 min per lap …which. tells me that the extended rest was a good thing…but that was intentional because I knew the trip was coming and would afford a rest

    Ste17 on #85002

    Thanks to all for the replying… I have still a doubt as I did the muscular endurance training in outdoor doing 3×10 minutes uphill 10/15% grade with 8 kg of backpack for about 7 weeks(initial base period). Now I’m starting the intensity week and on the book it’s mentioned to swap the ME workout with z3 (beginning) z4(later) workout.
    So what am I supposed to do ? Carry on with ME workout or drop the backpack and start to do uphill intervals ? Thanks to everyone

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