Watches for climbing?

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    Just wondering about everyone’s opinion on watches to track your fitness and if they are useful at all for climbing. Since all my training in the last few years was for Sport climbing, I never felt the need of getting a watch. Now I’m more focused on climbing longer and harder multi pitches and alpine routes and I’m training to become a Mountain Guide so I would like to track how I’m doing aerobically, recovery etc but wondering if it’s necessary to get one.

    I mostly want it for alpine climbing, aerobic training and tracking my aerobic fitness, sleep, gps and maps. All the approaches for sport climbing (and pretty much everything) are around 45 to 90 minutes uphill in my area (Canadian rockies) and I’d like to know if I’m getting fitter by the numbers instead of relying on how I feel each day since that is way more subjective (diet, sleep, recovery etc).

    Main problem is not breaking the bank, so open to suggestions!

    Questions are:

    What’s your opinion on watches?

    Which one is your favorite and why:

    Do I need a one with climbing features?

    Is buying a used one worth it? HR monitor worth it?

    I recently purchased an InReach mini 2 and I’m wondering if there’s any benefit on sticking to Garmin to connect the two.

    Thanks in advance guys!



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