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    I am headed to my first UTMB (Puerto Vallarta), and I want to make sure my shell meets the requirements. I picked up an ultralight Patagonia shell a couple years ago that zips into its own pocket (no idea what model, it just says Patagonia on a tag). It does have a sewn-in hood, and I have used it as an extra layers in the peaks as well as a shell in torrential thunderstorms in the south. Given the tropical environment I will be running in, I have zero qualms about the suitability of my jacket, but I am no judge. I am not sure what these first two requirements mean, and manufacturers don’t appear to publish them often. Can I throw some seam-grip on this thing and call it good, or do I need to go blow a bunch of money on a new shell?

    *1. Minimum 10 000 Schmerber.
    *2. RET recommended inferior to 13.
    •The jacket must, imperatively, be fitted with an integrated hood or one which is attached
    to the jacket by the original system designed for that purpose by the manufacturer.
    • The seams must be sealed.
    • The jacket must not have sections of fabric which are not waterproof, but air vents fitted by
    the manufacturer (under-arm, in the back), since they do not damage in any obvious way the
    impermeability, are accepted.
    • It is the runner’s responsibility to judge, with these criteria , if their jacket fits the regulations stated and so bad weather in the mountains, but, during a check, the judgment is made
    by the person in charge of the check or the steward.

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    thierryw203 on #81807

    Hi, so I did the 23km in Cham and the requirements should be the same. The jacket must be waterproof and seam sealed. The rule when I did the event if your stop by an official and did not have the proper gear you would disqualified. If you do need a jacket I have a couple that I am selling cheap. one is a Salomon S/lab and the other is a Dynafit. Very light and packable to fit in a running vest. Men’s medium. Hope this helps. Thierry

    daniel.justice on #81813

    Thanks! I am not trying to skirt the rules; I am trying to interpret them. The shell I have is waterproof. I cannot find any additional data on Salomon or Dynafit’s website in regards to these lab numbers.

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