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    I’m doing the Uphill Athlete Skimo training plan and there’s hill sprints involved. There was a Max Effort 5x2min with 3 minute rest periods with warm up and cool down on either side. I didn’t wear a heart rate monitor since it’s max effort. Does this count as an ME workout or something completely different? There was nothing in the TSS/CTL post about uphill sprints. Looking for guidance here on how to add a fudge factor to this workout.

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    Dada on #34564

    Just for a better understanding, how long were your sprints?


    kwyn on #34578

    For clarification this is the workout I did as it’s described in the training plan:

    Workout duration : 1hr 30min

    Hike as steeply uphill as you can find locally.
    20’easy warm up
    Then 5x2min @ max effort
    3′ easy walk/hike/jog for recovery between
    Then 10′ @ AeT minus 10bpm
    Then finish easy downhill

    Time given is for the full workout.

    Anonymous on #34612

    These 2 min repetitions at max effort pull all the components together and have a very powerful training effect. These will probably get you tasting blood and feeling like you lungs are going to explode and your legs melt out from under you. If so then you’re doing them right, congratulations. The way I give TSS ratings to some workouts is by how ling it takes to recover from them. A max effort like this could easily take 72 hours to recover from and maybe more. If you are still feeling tis in your legs 3 days later then I’d call it a TSS of 200. That’s what I see for many of our ME workouts and this workout has a very similar ME effect. This will vary from athlete to athlete. Those with stronger legs may be able to push harder and get more tired from this.

    The important thing is to keep the TSS ratings consistent. I have no problem going back a few days and adjusting TSS upward if the athlete is still feeling tired.


    kwyn on #34622

    Awesome. Yeah that was my hunch. I definitely got that metallic taste in my mouth! Reminds me of my CrossFit days, only now recovering on my third time through the skimo plan from my ADS. It was a bit too scary/difficult to manage max effort on the stair master as we don’t have a long enough steep hill where we are, probably could have put more effort in but was afraid of my legs giving out and falling off the rig.

    Thanks for the reply and I’ll take that into account!

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