TSS for Hill Springs (Nelson’s Intro to Ultra)

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    I’ve been enjoying Luke Nelson’s Intro to Ultra plan. How to I calculate the TSS load for a hill-spring workout?

    I am approaching the specific strength period, and I am looking at workouts that consist of:

    –20 min easy running warm up

    –10min dynamic stretching

    –2x 30″ med effort hill run with easy walk down recovery

    –2×30″ skip up hill medium effort with easy walk down recovery.

    3 sets 4×8 sec bounding, long stride, explosive push with 2 min walk down/rep and 5 min rest between sets.
    20′ easy jog cool down
    Wk#1&2; 3 sets 4 sprints

    20′ cool down run

    Thanks for your help.

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    For the non-sprint intervals (30″), hrTSS will be close enough.

    For the sprints, it depends on how you respond to them. See how tired you are in the days that follow the session. If you’re not tired, just use hrTSS. If you can feel the fatigue days later, then maybe 1 TSS per minute for the sprint portions?

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