Training while HRM is broken

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    Paul W

    Im currently training in Z2 to correct ADS. My HRM has broken out of the blue and I have contacted the manufactuer but things may take a while.

    How would you advise training while I do not have a working HRM? The optical HRM on my watch is pretty useless so can’t use that. My thoughts were either to take the time off or simply train at the same pace I was training at previously?

    Thank you for your time

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    Aaron on #41775

    My hrm watch broke a while back. I continued to used the chest strap with a phone app (Wahoo). Then I got tired of static issues in the winter and super variable data. I used the hrm long enough following reading the article below that I just estimate Z1 and Z2 now by rpe and breath monitoring. I’m sure I’ll get back to using the hrm again to recalibrate my estimation.

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