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Training Plans and first zoom

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    Welcome Everyone! Just a heads up if you have selected your training plans level it will be applied mid week to your TrainingPeaks Account. If you have not selected the level basic/intermediate/advanced then please do so. We will have 2 intro calls the week (Zoom) one Wednesday 11am Pacific and one Sunday evening 5pm Pacific. They will be identical so join in whenever works best on your end.

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    Jake Watson on #71030

    Hi Mark,
    Guidance for those of us coming back from illness &/or injury?
    I’m definitely not beginner level but had COVID recently and lost a lot of fitness (also due to work schedule/travel) …

    Jake Watson on #71033

    Nevermind! I see the descriptions in the form now and have selected one.

    TIM CAVANAGH on #71106

    How do I access meeting? I can’t find Zoom link in my account.

    Jake Watson on #71109

    Hi Tim,
    The links to everything are here:

    Members Only: Mountaineering Training Group

    Daniel Gerauer on #71118

    did the this work for you?
    Steve int the chat of the zoom of Sept 26th:

    default user avatarUphill Athlete01:30:16
    STEP 4/4Please self-select your training plan here: we receive this information your training plan will be applied and will appear in your Training Peaks account.Sending our best,

    I think the link is not valid…

    Saadia Sharjeel on #71126


    I have watched the recording of the first orientation call. I am new to using a watch and HRM. So the first thing I will do today is to go for a small run and see if everything is connected and working. New to Training Peaks as well and trying to understand all the abbreviations and technical terms there: TSS, RPE…

    One question: do we have to record our sleep as well for this training?

    I am looking forward.

    Yuri Sunahata on #71161

    Hi Saadia,

    It depends on the watch and the corresponding app you use. I use Garmin and its app automatically picks up sleep and other metrics like stress scores, etc. onto TrainingPeaks, provided you consent to doing so. This is TP’s one of the latest updates.
    Other watches and platform – You may or may not manually need to record by adding in the calendar (press + in a day view).

    It’s fun to analyze data for optimal performance. In my case, it often leads to more questions, ahaha. Happy crunching!


    Daniel Gerauer on #71203

    Problem solved:

    Julianna DeMoss on #71256

    Hi, is there a way to update our training plan level? Thanks!

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