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    Richard Hazelby

    Just got your ski mountaineering training plan as my main objective is that rather than mountaineering at the moment. My current training hours though are a fair bit higher than the hours prescribed in the ski mountaineering one. My week 7 of the transition period was 11 hours, which is pretty easy and doesn’t leave me fatigued at the end of the week.

    Would you recommend upping the zone 1 work out in the program as it is only 2 hours, which is extremely short, I usually spend at least 10 hours a week in the mountains on a bad week, so had to back off with the transition period already, which I did neglect in the first week of training.

    As I already have a decent base from years of guiding and working in the mountains would you advise incorporating my current zone 1 hours into the ski mountaineering program? I am worried that dropping down to 2 hours a week will be more of a hindrance than beneficial for myself.


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    Anonymous on #6801


    You are an outlier for the types of folks using these plans and a good example of why there is no such thing as a one size fits all plan. We shoot for a middle of the road approach to these plans. All our plans use the same principles as are laid out in our book. So you can customize to your own needs by applying those principles to your own needs. Keep the main guiding principle for all aerobic base training in mind: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH BASE when it comes to the aerobic support system. So, do exactly what you are suggesting. Add more Z1-2 work in the mountains. This should work well for your situation.

    Thanks and good luck.

    Richard Hazelby on #6809

    Hey Scott,

    Cheers for the reply. so I have made the first zone 2 work out of the program into a 2-hour zone 2 mountain run rather than a 1 hour and boosted the zone 1 up to 4 hours, in the first week, also added in two climbing sessions, climbing 1-2 grades below my onsight grade.

    Monday – Max strength
    Tuesday – zone 2 mountain run (2 hours am), climbing (1-hour pm)
    Wednesday – zone 1 (4 hours)
    thursday – max strength
    Friday – zone 2 (1 hour am), climbing (1-hour pm)

    That’s what my first week of the ski mountaineering plan looks like, added climbing in, due to not wanting to lose my climbing.

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