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    I am wondering if anyone on here has any guidance on using the methods from TFNA for developing fitness for the military. I am currently active duty and have used portions of what is found in the book to great success, however if anyone has adapted it for soldiers I am curious what the results were. Specifically for Scott Johnson I have read that you had worked with Seals before. Did you use a lot of the same principles found in the book with these operators? Thanks

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    Thanks for your service and for contacting us about using our training methods. Yes, we have had extensive experience working with US Navy SEALs. We use exactly the same principles advocated throughout the book with the SEALs. We have made some slight modifications depending on the expected deployment theater. Afghanistan with its rural and mountainous terrain requires a somewhat different focus than does urban fighting in Iraq. But the underlying principles that govern the training, such as a heavy dependence on aerobic base training supplemented with specific strength remain unchanged. Operators we have worked with extensively have credited their training to their success in advancement to the highest operational levels in the SEALs as well as training commendations as the top performers among their peers across the service branches.

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    That does help a great deal, thank you for the detailed reply. The follow up question I have is how do you account for all the different variables when it comes to prescribing specific strength? I have a hard time wrapping my head around how to train for the many different types of strength a soldier may need in any given operation. Would you happen to have any examples you could share. Thank you for your time


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