Training for 7100 m at 60+ age?

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    I consider climbing a technically easy 7100 m peak in Pamir in July. I turned 60 this year and I am climbing for 45 years with some 25 ascents above 4000 m and 5-6 times above 5000 m (last time in 2019) and a mountain guide qualification. I am training with an HR monitor for the past 20 years and currently using Garmin Fenix6 X Pro Solar. I am a scientist in the nanotech field so would like to know why I am doing something. For such a big “jump” in the goal, I feel I must include more structured training. I started the pro account in Training Peaks. My current CTL is 31 and I put a target of 80 for July. What bothers me is that TP is not using, even uploading Heart Rate Variability data. I read your opinion about HRV training recommendations. And at I agree, e.g. my Garmin on the 45th minute of my AeT suggested that I reached a Training Effect of 5 and suggested a 3-day rest! My AeT measured the other day by the drift method on the treadmill was 125 bpm. Which surprised me because 5 years ago I did a gas analysis VO2 max test + blood lactate measurements and the AnT was determined to be 128. I should mention that all my life I am largely overweight with a current BMI of 32. So, I would like to drop some 15 kg before July apart from training. As a plus, there is a 2300 m mountain just 20 min away.

    Please advise me for your resources for training for mountaineering at an elderly age? I noticed you are preparing a plan for this? I consider buying access to your 7-hour video lectures on training but will this help me as I did not notice mountaineering included? I also consider ordering your 24-week plan. I am even thinking of working with a coach or maybe joining your training groups. However, as I work in a low-income country (Bulgaria, Europe) my finances are limited. I like very much your site and highly appreciate your experience! I think you are the best in the field. That is why I post this question here and I trust your expert advice! Thanks in advance!

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