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    Two questions in a row, sorry for that 😉
    I was wondering what is, if any, the next big breakthrough of endurance training? Where is the future of endurance training headed? Are there any new discoveries, practices or trends? Could brain training perhaps be the next big thing?


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    Anonymous on #8933

    I’m skeptical of “breakthroughs”. They’re usually accompanied by sales pitches.

    It’s also worth distinguishing between “new” to the general public and “new” to elites like the Norwegian Nordic ski teams. For the former, there’s plenty that’s “new”. For the latter, not so much. Lucky for us, Scott and Steve are in the latter camp.

    tonys on #8935

    Ok, thank you Scott! That’s kind of what I thought. Though I’ve been learning a lot recently, so lots of “breakthroughs” to me 😉

    Steve House on #9059

    Slightly off topic, but I think this excellent post by coach Steve Magness speaks volumes about sticking to fundamentals, which is where we see 99.9% of all gains.

    tonys on #9069

    I’ll read it.
    Thank you Steve!

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