Tracking workouts, with and without extra weight

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    Nate Bender

    Is there any trick to tracking workouts in TrainingPeaks both with and without weight?

    I use a Suunto Ambit 3 Peak GPS watch with a chest strap HR monitor to track my workouts, and review the data and measure progress with the paid version of TrainingPeaks.

    For instance, I’ll use the same tracking mode on the watch to track an unweighted workout — say a 1-hour run with no pack — as I use to track a weighted workout — say a 1-hour hike where I’m carrying a 30-pound pack the whole way.

    Do you have to adjust any settings in TP to account for the fact that you’re carrying extra weight? Or do the algorithms just adjust the TSS score based on how much longer (and/or higher heart rate) it takes you to complete an activity because of carrying extra weight?

    Let’s say I climb a certain hill (carrying no weight) in 1 hr, keeping my heart rate at a 130 bpm average. Then, I go back with a 30-pound pack and do the same route and try to keep to the same HR average. It will take me longer, say 1.5 hrs, to complete the route at the same intensity level because of the extra weight. So I’ll see a higher TSS score in TrainingPeaks for the second, weighted workout because it took longer, but is this truly accounting for the additional effort of carrying extra weight?

    Thanks everyone for any and all help you can give!

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    Frantik on #8820

    According to Scott from another post in the forums it was suggested that:

    1) For any purely aerobic run/hike/ski we calculate the TP hrTSS and add 10 TSS for each 1000 vertical feet of gain for an athlete carrying no to minimal weight.
    2) For the same workout but with a significant weight, say more than 10% of BW add 20TSS/ 1000 feet.

    Nate Bender on #8910

    Hey Frantik – thanks for passing along the insight from that other post. I’m trying to read up on this as much as I can, do you know which post Scott outlined those thoughts in originally? I’d love to read it.

    Frantik on #8919

    Yes this is the thread:

    It is indeed a nice read I think

    jonjudkins7 on #54000

    Could somebody re-link to whichever thread was mentioned above? Seems to have been removed. Thanks!

    Or if there are any new thoughts on this, that would be awesome as well

    TerryLui on #54025

    JonJudkins7 – works for me…???

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