Timing of recovery workouts

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    Is it possible to do recovery workouts too soon after the event that caused the fatigue? Asking because I often end up doing an objective (ski tour or hike) then do a recovery workout when I get back.

    I realise that the supercompensation should take ~24-72 hours depending on the duration and intensity of the event, so I presume that doing a recovery workout after recovery is complete is essentially a waste of time. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

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    Rachel on #55787

    Do you feel better after the recovery workout than before you started? Personally I prefer to err on the side of extra recovery and rest.

    Mariner_9 on #56004

    Hi Rachel,

    I think the proximate recovery workouts help. They’re short (about one hour) and almost all 40-60% HR. That said, hard to be sure given the number of other variables involved.

    TerryLui on #56169

    My understanding of the recovery workouts is it’s meant to AID in recovery. So like you and Rachel have highlighted, if you’re feeling better after the recovery workout then I’d say it’s at a good (low) intensity level.

    Also, if the thought of “doing a recovery workout” isn’t really appealing at the moment, pay attention to that signal as it’s likely your body is telling you to rest a bit more.

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