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    Hi Coaches & Group,
    I am looking at other training plans on UA and wondering if it might be a good idea to purchase a continued plan while there is a sale on them – good until Nov 30. While I personally wouldn’t have time immediately do another plan because of my work as ski patroller, I would have time starting in April. Any ideas on what would be a good next step with training? My interests are mountaineering and trekking.

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    Anonymous on #60026

    Hi Melinda, If you don;t h ave a specific peak in mind (like Everest or Denali) I often recommend the 16 week Big Mountain Plan. You may need to modify some aspects of it, but you’ll have that experience from working with FUA Group.

    16 Week Big Mountain Training Plan

    mmingus on #60059

    Thank you. It does sound like a good overall training plan for any type of mountaineering.

    Jane Mackay on #60088

    I went all-out during the sale and bought the four remaining plans that I didn’t already own that I thought I would want to use one day 😀

    I now own all the mountain running plans and the 24-week mountaineering plan, which I bought particularly to have the structure of a six-month training plan that I could — with the great deal of knowledge and experience I’ve gained from three rounds of this group — modify to suit my capacity and my needs.

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