The price to pay for ME workouts

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    I’m doing well when doing outdoor ME workouts (steep hill with heavy backpack), but for some reason the indoor sessions are very taxing on my body.
    I mean, for the following 3/4 days I can only handle easy runs, with the feeling of being a “heavy Ferrari stuck in traffic” in metabolism, in that legs are tired, but also breathing is a bit less relaxed.
    After these days, I’m finally back to my previous aerobic level, but sometimes it’s mentally difficult to invest several days only to “cure a damage” instead of seeking for a progression.

    Is it normal? Will the benefits suddenly show up when tapering?

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    Jane Mackay on #76351

    Luca, it sounds like you might need to dial back the weight and/or the reps/sets on the indoor ME workouts and then gradually re-increase as you’re able. They are taxing in a different way than the outdoor one. It can take 48-72 hours to recover from an ME workout. To not be “curing a damage” every week, dial back to a level that is not destroying you and then build more slowly.

    Does that help?

    Jane Mackay on #76352

    And yes, the benefits will suddenly show up 🙂 You want to be wary in the meantime though of under-recovering because your body’s not fully adapting to the workouts.

    lucapontarolo on #76355

    Thank you Jane! Yes I think you are right, I will dial the load back a bit and see how it goes.
    With ” taxing in a different way than outdoor one” do you mean they are harder to digest because of their less sport-specific nature?

    Jane Mackay on #76410

    It’s different in that in the indoor ME you’re doing bursts of high intensity with breaks in between, in contrast to the steady plodding of the weighted pack carries. The indoor ME is more ballistic and explosive.

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