Super-push up technique: pointers needed

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    Chris R.

    Hello – I am trying to master the super-push up from Scott’s Killer Core workout, and while I’m not a skimo racer, I find the reversal part of the exercise particularly difficult. I’m wondering if anyone had some technique pointers particularly related to elbow placement and back flexibility. I can’t seem to be able to both drive my hips backwards in a u-shape to down dog while keeping my stomach / chest / chin close the ground and end up just pushing up to plank.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    nullkru on #30172

    Hi Chris,

    maybe you can do this intermittent step:
    Till u get that reverse part dialed.

    have a great day — mirko

    Anonymous on #30231


    If you can go this with your chest farther off the ground then stay with that movement for a while to develop the strength and coordination. Then slowly lower your chest on later sessions with this exercise.


    Chris R. on #30257

    Thank you Scott and Mirko. Yes, I will try that. One thing I noticed from watching the video on youtube in super slow motion is that whereas I was trying to keep my elbows at my side throughout the exercise, it seems the correct form has elbows actually going outwards! Will definitely be trying that approach. Thanks again!

    Chris R. on #30258

    Thanks Mirko, appreciate the link!

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