STEEP Uphill Hike vs. Hike on Hilly Terrain

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    These two workouts are done in weeks 9-14 of the Mountaineering plan. How are they principally different? From the description it seems like the first is a lower intensity version of the second (with the time measured only for the uphill portion).

    I do the Hike on Hilly Terrain workout up and down a hill of about 500 feet with varying degree of steepness (about half is quite steep). Can I use the same terrain for the STEEP Uphill Hike? Or am I better off for that with a stair master? My other alternative is stairs on a stadium.

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    thierryw203 on #62686

    From my own experience when I was training for Cotopaxi and living in MI (some hills Small) I went to my local ski hill about 300+feet. My training was a build-up of weights over time to add resistance and laps. I finished off the training about 2 weeks before trip with an overload est. 70lbs then tapering.
    Note I did do some hills repeat without a load and worked on speed/zone 3-4 once a week. I personal thinks sometimes these shorter hills workouts are better as you need to build the downhill leg muscles too. The up and downs seam to kick my ass better than just doing super long up hills and down hills. One man’s opinion

    ppeddi on #62742

    Following the post. I am looking for some suggestions as well. I do not have any hills close by , May be a sled hill with 100ft of elevation. Right now I am doing my hike on hilly terrain on Stairmaster and planning to do Steep uphill hike on stairs, (have access to only 4 flight of stairs) and plan to work up to heavy weight for weighted Z3 climb on the same stairs.

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