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    Hi there,

    I am currently trying to figure out a good weekly volume to start with.

    A bit of background, I have very little running history and currently don’t run regularly. However, I work as a guide and do approaches almost daily with around 1000′ of vert in a little over a mile. I know that while guiding, I’m not often at my aerobic threshold, so I’m unsure whether to count this as any sort of training. However, I felt I should at least list it. I feel like I have a high level of fitness, and I’m not aerobically deficient. My main concern is not having the muscular endurance or conditioning on my body for running specifically.

    All of this aside, I’m unsure what my starting weekly volume should be based off of muscular endurance and conditioning. I don’t want to overdue it off the bat, and I’m sure it’ll take some fine tuning along the way. I’d love some advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation.


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    hafjell on #80143

    Sorry if I missed this, but what are you training for? In any case, you’ll need to start slowly with the running as you’ll be moving much faster than hiking up hill. Also, more repetitive motion. Pay attention to how you recover. If you feel fresh the next day, you’re likely ok. If all you’re doing is hiking and climbing you’ll be physically strong but not have much aerobic base. Don’t worry, you’re fit and should transition well.
    I always struggle with setting Week 1 volume, but my body tells me pretty quickly if I’m over or under-doing it.

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