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    Kathy Harding

    I have 2 questions really;
    1) Whenever I do a run it logs the TSS as rTSS rather than hrTSS. All other workouts use herds. Should I change the TSS used in my runs to herds for consistency? rTSS is always very low.
    2) Once our program is completed, will we still have access to the training plan and videos? Will we still have access to Training Peaks?


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    Anonymous on #62515

    Hi Kathy,
    Yes, we as coaches and UA in general only us hrTSS so go ahead and change your rTSS to hrTSS for all your workouts. rTSS is calculated from a completely different formula.

    And yes you will have access to your training plan and the videos once the 12 week program is over. Your TrainingPeaks account is currently a premium account that is paid for by being a member of the FUA Group. Once the group sessions ends you’ll be downgraded back to the free basic plan. If you want to use the premium account feature you’ll have to pay those fees which I believe is around $20 a month.

    Jenna Dodge on #62524

    Is there a way to change from rTSS to hrTSS acoss the board? I don’t know the difference, so I’ll look it up, but if you have any additional info to share that would be wonderful.

    Question about this – I just changed my rTSS to hrTSS to one of the aerobic workouts and my hrTSS was higher. The “Planned TSS” was 30 and my completed hrTSS was 41 so it turned my workout yellow (b/c the TSS was too high).

    On the Training Peaks theme….if we aren’t planning to use the run/walk intervals, should we delete them from our training plan? I do run/walk but I follow my HR, not the planned intervals.

    Coach on #62529

    Hello Jenna,

    Great questions. To my knowledge there is no way to change all your TSS to hrTSS without going into each workout and manually changing them. The difference between rTSS and hrTSS is how Training Peaks is measuring the training stress of each workout. RTSS stands for running TSS and is uses your pace and GPS to determine how hard the workout is. We prefer to use hrTSS which uses your HR data since it creates a more equal metric no matter your workout running, hiking skiing ect…

    Your hrTSS is usually higher, the planned TSS is a tool I used when writing the plans, you can for the most part ignore it and even delete the planned TSS to make the workouts green. The TSS is not too high, it is where it should be. If you missed the zoom on zones, it might be worth watching to make sure your HR zones in Training Peaks are correct.

    Feel free to delete the run/walk intervals if you aren’t using them from Training Peaks! It is your plan to change and customize to your life!
    I hope that helps,

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