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    Hi Carolyn and Maya,

    Last week, I was sick with a nasty (non-COVID) infection; fever, aches, the works. Thankfully some antibiotics got me sorted out, and I’m feeling much better. Obviously, I didn’t do much training last week. So how should I handle this week? It’s a recovery week according to the schedule, but I kind of just had a recovery. Do I instead aim for week 11’s volume? Or somewhere in between? I know from the UA books and the forum to not push it when you are sick, but I’m unclear on how exactly to jump back in.


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    I am so sorry to hear you were so ill! UGH! The recovery week is actually a great way for you to ease back into training full time and get your body adjusted back to daily exercise. There is no need to jump to week 11 volume when your body has been fighting such a nasty infection. Even though it may feel like you took a recovery week you were under a very different kind of stress that is still taxing. Take this week to ease back into training. If you feel good by the end of it you can keep going with the plan!

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