Recommendations for a ski destination in the US

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    Slightly off-topic thread which I hope is OK.

    A friend wants to learn how to ski (along with his kids) and is planning to rent a house in a ski town for a month over the 2022/2023 winter in order to do so.

    This has to be in the US because of the possibility of travel restrictions but he’s open to anywhere in the lower 48.

    Almost all of my snowboarding has been in BC – I haven’t done anything in the US – and so I wanted to draw on the knowledge and experience of the UA community to get some ideas. Any and all suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance!

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    lucye on #67519

    Mammoth Mountain in California! Friendly weather, the most consistent snow in CA, many walk-to-lifts lodging options (besides airbnb, we’ve had good experiences w, plus skate skiing and backcountry options in town. Not Whistler scale, but still a huge amount of terrain and variety–they will not get bored. You can fly into Mammoth from LA or Burbank — once in Mammoth, the public transit is superb and you can easily get around town and between town/mountain without a car. Downside is expense–although Ikon pass helps, ski lessons and general cost of living are $$$$.

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